Even though Connecticut is a pint-sized state coming in 48th, just ahead of Delaware, we were pioneers in some important categories.

Connecticut was the fifth state to be ratified following Georgia on January 9, 1788, which means because of its long standing in American history, many things that citizens take for granted began right here in the great state of Connecticut. Thanks to onlyinyourstate.com, and movoto.com for the source information.

1. World's First Nuclear Powered Submarine

The USS Nautilus rolled out of Electric Boat in Groton in 1954 and was used by the U.S. Navy from January of 1955 until March of 1980. It is now one of the major attractions at the Submarine Force Library Museum in Groton.

2. First Woman to Receive a U.S. Patent

Mary Dixon Kies received the first patent by a woman in May of 1805 for her technique of weaving straw with silk.

3. The First to Serve a Hamburger

In 1900 a guy walked into Louis's Lunch in New Haven and asked the owner, Louis Lassen for something he could eat while on the go. Lassen put some of his own steak trimmings between two pieces of toast and 'presto' the hamburger was born.

4. The First To Build a Successfully Operating Helicopter

Connecticut resident, Igor Sikorsky, designed the first helicopter in the western hemisphere in 1939.

5. The First to Offer Insurance

In 1810, The Hartford Insurance Company began offering loss of life, and personal injury insurance for those who were traveling by steamboat or train.

6. The First to Pass an Automobile Law

The first automobile law was passed in Connecticut in the year 1901, which set the speed limit at a blazing 12mph.

7. The First Telephone Book

The New Haven District Telephone Co. issued the first phone book which listed 50 names.

8. Believe It or Not, Connecticut Was First in Flight

It has been proven that on August 14, 1901, Gustave Whitehead achieved a flight of 1.5 miles at the height of 150 feet over Bridgeport. Whitehead's flight was almost two years before the Wright Brothers.

9. The First FM Radio Station

WDRC-FM began broadcasting from Hartford in 1939.

10. The First Frisbee

The frisbee was born years after the birth of The Frisbie Pie Company which was established in 1871 in New Haven. Yale students, who used to buy Frisbie pies would keep the pie-tins and toss them all around the Yale campus around the year 1920.

To find out what other things where Connecticut led the way, go to onlyinyourstate.com.

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