Sausage, egg, and cheese! That's my favorite, and if you're looking for an awesome breakfast sandwich, I've got a couple of recommendations.It doesn't take the expertise of a skilled short order cook to determine that a 'Grade A' breakfast sandwich is determined by the ingredients, like how the bacon, ham, or sausage are cooked and how fresh the hard roll is. Every once in awhile Lou and I get that craving for a top notch BS. In Brookfield, we consistently order our BS's from Chihuahua's Deli and Brookfield Deli & Convenience. If you're really hungry, I recommend, 'The Bomb' from Chihuahuas. This monster is a two egg omelet on a roll stuffed with home fries, cheese, and your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage.

'The Bareback' from 'EggSlut' in LA - YouTube Screen Shot

Last year CBS Connecticut published an article on 'The Top Breakfast Sandwiches in Connecticut and they recommended the 'Hangover Buster' at 'The Lake Zoar Drive-In' in Stevenson, just before the Stevenson Dam on Rt. 34. This behemoth sandwich has double egg, double cheese, double bacon, and hash browns on a Kaiser roll. OMG!

Locally in my hometown of New Fairfield, if you walk into 'The Goodie Shoppe,' the owner, Mark Jayson will gladly make you a BS if you ask, and they're delish! Just down a couple of stores from the Goodie Shoppe is a locally owned market called, 'Johnny's New Fairfield Food Center.' This deli, in my opinion, is one of the best in northern Fairfield County. Their menu of specialty sandwiches is second to none. Do you have a favorite breakfast sandwich deli? Tell us the name and town.

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