Greetings from the Vortex!  Cold weather and nasty wind chills are upon us once more.  Here's a bunch of songs about being hot to keep you warm.

Enjoy... and just think, in a few short months we'll all be complaining about how hot it is!

  • Foreigner- Hot Blooded

    Because a fever of 103 sounds pretty good right now! Well, the 103 part. Not the fever.

  • Asia- Heat Of The Moment

    This 80's supergroup featured guys from Yes, King Crimson... and the Buggles!

  • Van Halen- Hot For Teacher

    One of the greatest videos ever.  The guys trying to do the Motown dance and crashing into each other still cracks me up.

  • Billy Idol- Hot In The City

    Billy had recorded custom versions of the "New York!" scream in the middle of the song for most major cities. "Hartfoooord!" didn't quite have the same impact.

  • Rolling Stones- Hot Stuff

    A little funk to bring the heat.

  • Kiss- Hotter Than Hell

    "The hottest band in the world... Kiss!"

  • Glenn Frey- The Heat Is On

    Be sure to wear your "Miami Vice" pastel blazer while listening to this one!

  • Twisted Sister- Hot Love

    We couldn't pass up the opportunity to sneak one in from Dee and the boys! (Check out Dee Snider and the House Of Hair Saturday nights at 9 on I-95!)

  • Power Station- Some Like It Hot

    We wrap up this "Hot" collection with another 80's supergroup featuring Robert Palmer and a few of the guys from Duran Duran.  Hope it brought a little heat to your winter!