It's not a crime to know who she is. All it means is that you have either eyes, ears, or both. I can see, of course, why someone would want to pretend to NOT know who she is, but at this point that is impossible.

So, I am calling B.S. of the highest order. That is the stinkiest pile of dung this side of the Rio Grande. That's a steaming pile of lies. It's a K-2 sized pile of lies, and he may be selling but I am not buying.

I do remember a time when I did not know who Kim Kardashian was. What a grand time. A simpler time, when young women were not subjected to her disgusting idea of what living well actually is. That was back when I could turn on a TV and NOT watch six housewives throw expensive glasses of champagne at each other. I could turn on the TV and not hear very simple words reduced to a single syllable just cause. Or have two short words turned into two initials. That was back when the sound of a young woman's voice would not send me into a rage on the inside. What a nice time that was. I do miss it.