OK you are a hot girl and you could probably just stop there and that would be enough for people but you say no way man I need more.

Then you learn to surf which is awesome and then comes the cherry on the sundae.....you surf in heels.  That's not only hot but I'm sure it's super hard.

What planet is this chick from and where is my passport cause I need to go there and chill on this beach with a bunch of smoking hot girls who can surf in heels and apparently have an amazing film crew who can shoot it in high def and back track it with music that could put you to sleep.

This is definitely not in Connecticut I can tell you that much.  Nothing cool ever happens here.  I need to move to San Diego....I bet it's San Diego man.  I hear good things about that place.

yes stay classy indeed and please export some of your talent to CT...we need it.