Things have escalated quickly.

It was a big weekend for the Donald. Someone attempted to attack him in Ohio and Chicago spent the weekend punching each other in the face simply because he was scheduled to be there.

Can we analyze the reaction he had to the guy running at him? He looked like he just realized he had a rodent at his feet. He was lost there for a second. It did also give us a terrible side view of his hairdo. Wow that is terrible.

And it's cute and all that he says he was ready cause he was not. You were so NOT ready it's not even funny. That guy looked like he could do some VAN-DAMAGE. Plus Trump has those tiny little hands. Yes by all means let the cops do it. Then he says "go back home to mommy." He is a top level entertainer if I have ever seen one.

This is probably going to get worse before it gets better. Yeah it starts off with fists and then the next thing you know it's guns. No bueno. It's amazing how one individual can divide an entire country in half. One half hates him, the other loves him and we are all in for quite a show.