Ethan and I talked to both Phil Esposito (still technically the head coach of the Whalers). Apparently, Bruce Bennett from Bruce Bennett Nissan who wants to find a bunch of other investors to team up with to buy a team, and get in the Danbury Ice Arena.

This I think will be great all around.  Sure we lose the Whalers, but they will be in all likelihood replaced with a team on the same level. Now Herm Sorcher leaves Danbury and starts a team in Brewster. That is the way I look at it.

According to Bennett and Esposito, they are at least talking about the possibility of him coming on to coach whatever team ends up in the Ice Arena .. .so, maybe we don't lose the great Coach Phil.

Also, if they end up in the same league you have a great Danbury v. Brewster rivalry. I will be so torn.

On the one hand I am from Brewster and cannot betray my people.

On the other hand I've been a Danbury Hockey fan since the beginning....also I am friends with Coach Phil, Whalers players and Bruce Bennett.  This one is going to be tough but I can deal with it...I'm excited.

The Whalers will be missed though.