When we've had a winter, or non-winter like this, do you just shrug your shoulders over the forecast?

I'm pretty sure most everyone follows weather forecasts. I mean, once we were introduced to weather 24/7 when The Weather Channel launched back in 1982, we became a nation obsessed. Or, at the very least, overly informed. Since they had to be broadcasting 24 hours at a clip, we've also come to understand that The Weather Channel has to fill a lot of time. So, to that end, I feel like we often have the thought process of "whatever" about the weather.

People from New England are a pretty hardy sort. For the most part, we handle whatever weather is thrown at us. Just a look at the historic Blizzard of 1978, which even has it's own site at Blizzardof78.org. The outcome showed that we are resilient. The State of Connecticut shut down for 3 days, the iconic "Help Us Ella" was written in a snow bank, and even the Hartford Civic Center roof collapsed under the weight of it all. Countless storms have come and gone, and even when we still look at dirty snow banks in May, we think about when we can get to the beach!

So, even though the National Weather Service is saying that snow is likely this Thursday and Friday, I'm sensing a collective "So, what." Then again, it's still early in March. New Englanders know the pain of April snow storms, and this February proved that the damn gopher lies! Better make sure there's gas for the snow blower.

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