SMH (Shaking My Head) News is your weekly source for facepalming headlines from Florida and other parts of the country where people are doing stupid things.

In this week’s editions of SMH News:

Man Offered Cop Winning Lottery Numbers To Drop DUI Charge

Police arrested 41-year-old Robert Eldridge last Sunday who was allegedly stopped at a green light and appeared to be sleeping behind the wheel of his vehicle. NBC Connecticut reports, that the man was charged with drunken driving charges around 3PM in Middletown.

In hopes of trying to convince the officer to drop the charges, the man claimed he worked at the state lottery and offered to give the arresting officer the next winning lottery numbers. Officials from the Connecticut State Lottery say that Eldridge has never been an employee.

Man Run Naked Through Walmart, Pouring Milk on Himself

It has been said that you never know what you’ll see when you walk into a Walmart, but the customers of Williamson, Kentucky definitely didn’t expect this. A video posted on YouTube last Wednesday shows a naked man running through the aisles of Walmart screaming, “I’m on fire,” while pouring a gallon of milk on himself. FOX CT reports, the man was wearing nothing but a Halloween mask, socks and shoes and got away via a getaway car. Officers say that video has led to two men facing charges, but there have been no arrests yet.

Rescue Mission to Save “Lifeless Body” Finds Papa Smurf Balloon

Last Tuesday, a man potentially saved the life of a victim who was reportedly lying next to train tracks. However, this victim happened to be a deflated Papa Smurf balloon.

Huffington Post reports that in Dusseldorf, Germany, a train passenger saw a “bearded man in a blue coat and red trousers” lying near the railroad tracks and contacted authorities to save the man's life. Police say though it was only a balloon, under a different circumstance the man could’ve saved someone’s life. Efforts to contact Papa Smurf's relatives have failed.