The Paris Catacombs in 1955 - Credit Getty Images

Are you getting tired of the same ole Halloween traditions? Maybe it's time to "spice" it up by spending Halloween night in the Paris Catacombs, which is a massive bone lined tomb where six million people are buried! The winner and a guest will have the opportunity to wander the Catacombs, enjoy a concert, and have dinner in the cavernous setting of six million skulls. The package also includes a bed and a visit from a storyteller. Sorry, but there's no TV or internet 40 feet underground.

The BBC reported "The remains of six million people were gradually moved below ground in the late 18th and mid-19th Century as overcrowded graveyards in Paris were closed because of public health concerns."

One of the First Photos Taken of the Paris Catacombs with artificial Light in the 1870's - Credit Getty Images

Entrants must each write an essay revealing why they think they're brave enough to stay in this legendary bone yard. Entry deadline is October 20.

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