We were recently invited to the 2016 Candlewood Cup, which is a wakeboarding and wake surfing competition. This was the first competition of its kind on Candlewood in over ten years. It took place on Candlewood Lake in New Fairfield, right inside The Knolls. I've never been on water skis or wakeboards, but I'm an expert at watching people. I made my way over to the event with the i95 Road Crew and took in all of the action.

Ryan Dunn, the gentleman that I interviewed in the video, organized the event, which seemed to go off without a hitch. Multiple awards were given out in may different age brackets and categories.

Ahhhh...the sweet taste of victory!

I'd like to give a special shout-out to David Bancroft, JR., who shredded his way to first place in the Men's Beginner category. Congratulations, sir! Even though you've only been wakeboarding for two years, I believe the power of i95 helped you crush your first competition!

I'm still a relative noob when it comes to the houses that surround this beautiful lake, and I have to say that this little community in New Fairfield, where the competition was held on Lakeshore Drive, was picture perfect.

As Dunn said in the video, next year's event will be bigger and better. I'd start practicing now, they did a heck of a job organizing and pulling this one off.