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Take The Woodstock Trivia Challenge
You may have been there, you may have wished you'd been there. Either way there probably isn't much that you don't know about it. Now it's time to find out just how much. It's time to take The Woodstock Trivia Challenge.
New Allman Bros. Release Takes Us Back To A Summer Night In Hartford 2003
The memories came flooding back the instant I hit the play button. It's a hot August night under the stars at The Meadows and the smell of incense, patchouli, beer and a certain spirit-enhancing smoke floats freely through a cool summer breeze. The thumping bass line of "Whipping Post" kic…
An 80s Summer Slasher Film Starring….Bruce Springsteen’s Sister?!
Ladies and gentleman brace yourselves for what you're about to read.
Bruce Springsteen's sister was originally a boy who went on to become a serial killer.
O.K. so that's not totally true. Pamela Springsteen was born a girl and she hasn't killed several teenagers at summer camp i…
The Classic Rock/Magnum, P.I. Connection
Call me Senich, P.I. My mission is to find the classic rock connection wherever and whenever I can. With the recent news of a reboot coming this fall I've gone back on a Magnum, P.I. binge and it's led me to some very interesting findings. Although I can't tell you who the real Robin …