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The Classic Rock/Magnum, P.I. Connection
Call me Senich, P.I. My mission is to find the classic rock connection wherever and whenever I can. With the recent news of a reboot coming this fall I've gone back on a Magnum, P.I. binge and it's led me to some very interesting findings. Although I can't tell you who the real Robin …
The Top Ten Classic Rock Rain Songs
April showers bring May flowers, that is what they say. These are ten classic rock songs I could listen to any rainy day.
O.K. So I’m not a poet but I am able to put together a list of ten great classic rock songs all having to do with rain...
Take The 2018 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Trivia Challenge
How well can you navigate your way through The Cars history? Can you get your Dire Straits facts straight? Do you have a prayer when it comes to Bon Jovi trivia? Maybe your Moody Blues memory all depends on the mood you're in. Well, there's no time better than now to find out. This is the …
The Nine Van Halen Easter Eggs You May Have Missed
So Van Halen fans, you think you’ve heard and seen everything when it comes to your favorite band? Here are nine not-so-easy-to-find moments throughout the band’s career you may not have heard of or seen…until now.