I don't care either way.  The fact is this guy is a cheater and as a Yankee fan I never thought he should be wearing pinstripes but the facts are the facts.  Alex Rodriguez whether he is cheating or not can flat out play baseball.

He is not making the All-Star team.  He is not making it because fans do the voting and fans hate the Yankees unless they are Yankee fans and on top of that there are Yankee fans like me who don't like the guy.  Does he deserve it...that's the question?

He as of today has:

16 Home Runs

47 RBI's

A .284 Average

77 Hits

A .390 OBP

He's slugging .513

His OPS is .902

He's having an All-Star year but does he deserve to be there?

He has repeatedly lied to fans, teammates, the organization, Major League Baseball and the commissioner about his role in the Biogenesis scandal.

He has however seemed to do everything right this season from every angle including his P.R.  Alex has not said the wrong thing, he has been self deprecating and he has played productive baseball on a first place team that needs him.

The problem with all that is A-Rod has always been slick, savvy and obsessed with being liked and most people can see through that.  People don't like him.  They dislike him not because of his cheating and lying but because of his insane need to be loved.  He lacks a real personality and comes across as a very insecure person who has all the talent and opportunity in the world.

The irony of Alex is he needs love, craves it, goes to the end of the earth to get it and people hate him.  I'm actually starting to feel bad for him.

BUT, the man can flat play baseball.