It's definitely a sad story that The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, also known as A&P, is closing their doors.

According to Lo Hud, however, it finally looks like the A&P store on Padanaram Road in the North Street Shopping Center has a new owner's interest. According to the paper, Wakefern Food Corporation has put a bid on several existing A&P locations, including the one left in Danbury.

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Wakefern is the parent company of Shop Rite, and they've also put a bid on a store in nearby Dutchess County, NY in Lagrangeville. The bid throws out an offer to purchase about 12 stores for $40 million.

Patch reported earlier that Acme stores had offered to purchase and take over many A&P stores in the Hudson Valley area, including Brewster and Mahopac. No plans have been made public on the Patterson, NY store yet, although there very may well be plans.

Hopefully if Shop Rite and Acme are granted the purchasing power to take over these stores, that the local employees will be able to keep their jobs.