There can be no greater sadness than losing a child. I can only imagine the need for any comfort you can find from acts of kindness.

My hope would be that every high school across our country would adopt this policy. I'm certain many already do. Now one more school in Connecticut can be added to the list of those that will give a regular or honorary diploma to a student who has passed away before graduation.

In a story from the Shelton school board is putting a process in place for awarding honorary degrees to students who die before graduating from high school.

The impetus for the move grew out of the passing of student Eddy Conklin. He died a few months before his graduation. Collecting his diploma posthumously at graduation became an issue for his parents and the community because the district had no policy in place to handle such situations.

Thankfully the school board voted 7-2 recently to adopt guidelines to award honorary and regular diplomas posthumously.

The new policy allows any students who die while enrolled at Shelton High School to receive an honorary or regular diploma during the school commencement ceremony. The student's name will be read aloud during the ceremony if requested by the family.

While it took awhile and there was some push back from board members, I say bravo on the final decision. Nothing can take away the heartbreak of losing your child, but a simple thing like having a diploma as a keepsake can mean the world.

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