Skylar Nagy is a highly motivated 17-year-old high school senior, Army private, and a boat builder, and is getting psyched to race her 8-foot Cocktail Class cruiser this Sunday in the third annual Aqua Cup Race across Captain's Cove.

As reported in the News-Times, Nagy is a senior at Shelton High School and is also a student at the Bridgeport Regional Vocational Aquaculture School, where she learned how to build her boat in the marine construction shop at the Aquaculture School.

This Sunday, June 14 at 9:30am, adorned with bubble gum pink decals and a salmon colored cockpit, she'll be piloting her creation across Captain's Cove. Even though she's not a big fan of the color pink, she decided on that color to honor her grandmother, who successfully battled breast cancer.


Nagy enlisted in the Army this past April, and has always been interested in marine biology. Her goal is to become a shark expert. A chance to build your own plywood boat was offered as an after-school option at Aqua. These boats take hundreds of hours of work, but luckily, all the boats have sponsors, so the materials are free to the students. After graduation, Nagy heads off to basic training and then special training as an Aircraft Structural Repairer, all part of her eight year commitment in the Connecticut National Guard.

The Aqua Cup races kick off at 9:30am this Saturday morning at Captain's Cove Seaport at 1 Bostwick Ave. Blackrock Harbor in Bridgeport.


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