We're only a little over a week away from "America On Tap" scheduled for Sept 12 from 3 till 6pm at the Ives Concert Park in Danbury. If you love craft beer as much as I do, let me recommend you check out "The Craft Beer Channel" on YouTube.

You'll get everything from "cooking with beer," to "beer school," to "beer and food matching" along with "how to concoct beer cocktails." Join me for a quick video from "The Craft Beer Channel" on "beer, onion, and feta home made pizza!"

I also recommend the "Craft Beer Radio Podcast," featuring a couple of guys hangin' out in their basement in Pittsburgh, who have been publishing a weekly beer education show since 2005. Jeff Bearer is married with two kids and is a Linux System's Administrator, who works for a storage company and Greg Weiss, who's a Senior Software Developer. Just a couple of guys hangin' out in their boxers talkin' beer.

Goose Island Brewery - Credit Getty Images

You'll get to sample over 100 beers at "America On Tap" plus there'll be up to 50 breweries to choose from. If you buy the VIP ticket, you'll get 4 hours of beer sampling and your first meal is on "Hog Wild Barbecue." See you there fellow beer lovers!

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