Things you need to know on October 13.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • Sen.  Richard Blumenthal wants the Environmental Protection Agency to fine Volkswagon $18 billion for committing a fraudulent practice concerning emission standards. Volkswagen agrees to make adjustments to assure standards are met, but the fix will affect power and fuel efficiency.


  • It's on! The Democratic Debate Drinking game. The game, posted to the "National Sun Times," has only 15 rules. To start things off, players must drink an entire beer if debate moderator Anderson Cooper breaks out his glasses for the event. Click on "National Sun Times" to get them all.


  • Please stay home if you're sick. A new study from Redshift Research found that 55-percent of U.S. workers went to work knowing they had the flu last year. People that went to work sick pretty much gave one of three responses to why they didn't stay home; either they didn't want to fall behind, felt pressured to "tough it out" or didn't think anyone else could handle the work while they were gone.


  • Anheuser-Busch is buying Britain's Miller in the beer industry's biggest deal ever. The $104 billion buyout means one company will brew one-third of the beer sold around the world. The deal has been in the works for more than a month.

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