I'm barely five feet tall, and even I want more room.  Who wouldn't?

I fly a couple of times a year, and every time I board, I think, "How squished will I be?" I know I'm petite, but that still doesn't mean I don't get all cramped up during a flight, so, I marvel at anyone bigger than me trying to get comfortable on a flight.

Now, mind you, there are planes like the fabulous Airbus A380 (pictured above) that offer luxury beyond compare. I don't know about you, but I'm saving my money for the trip itself, not the luxury in flight. But still, I don't want to be even more cramped up.

Looks like we have Connecticut Senator, Richard Blumenthal, in our corner. In a story from Fox61.com, Blumenthal says the average airline seat width and leg room has shrunk since the FAA deregulated the airline industry in 1978. He contends that not only is our comfort in danger, but so is our health and safety.

Aside from the fact that I still don't get why, with a massive decline in gas prices, airline ticket prices haven't dropped considerably. I sure don't want them to try to cram even more people aboard. Give us a break! Thanks, Senator Blumenthal.

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