The second arrest has been made in association with a home invasion burglary that occurred in Danbury back in January of this year (2016).

The Danbury Police Department has been holding an active warrant for the arrest of Rafael Serrano, a 36-year-old from Bridgeport, who was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshall Fugitive Task Force at about 7:05 this morning (July 27).

According to a press release, on Tuesday, January 12, at around 8:27 AM, Serrano, along with 39-year-old Fransisco Jimenez of Danbury, broke into a residence on Beckett Street in Danbury where a mother was home with her two children. Serrano and Jimenez isolated the mother by dragging her upstairs, and proceeded to tear apart the home, making off with undisclosed amounts of money and jewelry.

Any time a home invasion with details similar to that surfaces, I can't help but think of the horrific murder of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters in the brutal home invasion that happened in Cheshire in 2007. Thankfully, things never escalated to that level in this incident, but scary and despicable nonetheless.

Rafael Serrano, along with Fransisco Jimenez who was arrested on April 27, have been charged with home invasion, second degree burglary, and third degree larceny. They were also each held on $100,000 court-set bonds.