This is my lake! Thousands of people in the greater Danbury area who swim, boat, and fish on Candlewood Lake also call it "my lake." Our lake is dying and one of the reasons is the ever abundant growth of milfoil.It's time to send the underwater artillery into action which is a fish called the "Grass Carp."

Grass Carp chow down on milfoil like a chubby kid chows down on cake! For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that's all they eat.

They eat about two to three times their body weight of the plant during warm weather. The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection(DEEP) would like to stock the lake with 4,000 of these weed eating wonders.


Questions that have been raised are the safety of lake swimmers. Phyllis Schaer, chairwoman of the Candlewood Lake Authority said they will not interfere with swimmers because the fish are spooked by people. Bass fisherman have voiced concerns because fish love to hang around the lake vegetation and feel if the milfoil is eradicated, the bass will disappear.

Fear not Mr. Fisherman!

Removing the milfoil would allow native aquatic plants to return to the lake that would provide protection and shelter for the fish.


Milfoil in Ball Pond was wiped out in 2007 by the Grass Carp. So let's do this! It's time to send in the big guns people! Everybody wins here: swimmers can swim undisturbed and Candlewood Lake will remain one of the Top 25 lakes in America for bass fishing.

Most importantly, Mindy and I can put down anchor around Great Neck on a warm summer evening, enjoy some dinner and watch the sunset. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!