According to ABC News, a mall Santa in London will be giving the children surprise lie detector tests! The Brent Cross shopping Center in London commented they were doing this to "instill a sense of honesty among children." Some of the questions are, "Have you been good this year?" and "Do you always clean your bedroom?" After the kids have finished up their visit with Santa, their parents will get a read out on how their kid performed on the test. Now what happens if the kid totally failed the lie detector test......water boarding? To make sure the kid comes clean?! Six hours of interrogation in a room with no windows?! How about a perspective here chubs!  The kid is presenting his Xmas wish list to a fictional character who has no business asking any kids whether that kid has been naughty or nice! Let's leave the 20 questions up to the parents, when their kid is a teenager, and sneaks out in the middle of the night, borrows Dad's beemer to make out in the backseat with Jennifer!!