Nicole Hockley, one of the moms who lost her son in the Sandy Hook tragedy, appeared on Good Morning America to help educate parents.

Hockley's son, Dylan, was tragically gunned down four years ago when an armed gunmen opened fire inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Since then, Hockley has devoted most of her time to an organization called, Sandy Hook Promise, which provides programs and practices that protect children before tragedies can actually happen.

According to ABC News, the professionally produced PSA is about recognizing the warning signs of a youth in danger of committing harm.

Hockley also told ABC News that the Know the Signs campaign has been a mission of Sandy Hook Promise since its inception four years ago. She also told ABC News:

I want people who watch this video to know there are actions that they can take in their own community, in their own family, to make a difference. All the training we provide is completely free. We just want to save lives.