I took a new way home from work tonight, and I drove past an airport I never knew existed. I have taken Rt.67 home from New Milford to Southbury before, but tonight I went straight through Roxbury into Woodbury on Rt. 317 instead.

Rt. 317 is properly named Good Hill Road, because it's very steep at times. I noticed Bacon Road along the way, and I want to live there someday. But right at the top of the biggest hill, near the intersection of Upper Grassy Hill Road, the land flattens out to a beautiful open space. On the side of the road, I saw a couple small airplanes beside an old steel hangar. I know this is an everyday occurrence for you Roxbury residents, but this Waterbury boy was intrigued.

I pulled over and snapped the photo above, and took in the gorgeous view of the rolling Connecticut landscape around me. When I got home, I searched for some info about the place. From what I gathered, the land was owned by one family for three generations, but is now owned by Roxbury itself. It's now used mostly as a wildlife/open space preserve, and the town recently took bids for use of tracts of the land for farming.

Who flies in there? Is it still usable? I picture Denis Leary, flying a little Cessna, with his Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll co-stars on board.