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Why do you do it? Please explain to me the desire, and then the thrill of shooting out car windows with your pellet gun?

My sources for this blog come from the many parents I know in New Fairfield who will remain unnamed. I've found out that over the last 24 hours, cars that have been parked in driveways of private homes in New Fairfield have had their windows shot out by individuals carrying pellet guns causing extensive damage.

According to, mental health professionals suggest that just one of the many reasons teenagers start fights, intimidate others, damage property, or a number of other destructive behaviors could be caused by Conduct Disorder.

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Just so I'm clear, I am in no way justifying this behavior, and passing it off as an excuse to shoot out car windows with pellet or BB guns. Other reasons for this behavior could be the adrenaline rush it causes, peer pressure, outright anger, or extreme frustration. The motivation behind a teenager intentionally causing property damage reads like a laundry list.

Mental health professionals suggest that if parents believe their teenager is involved in acts of vandalism, especially on a semi-regular basis, as difficult as it may be, contact your town or city police department so they can be held accountable for their actions and receive the help they need.

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I simply don't understand it. It is so incredibly difficult for me to even begin to wrap my head around the concept of another human being causing intentional harm to property, an animal, or a person.

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