We get it bro. Your league makes money but you are inept when it comes to dealing with your players disciplinary issues. This was a long time coming. My question is if the league and players' association have no faith in your ability to punish players correctly than how long is it before they lose faith in all other aspects of your job?

He deserves to be embarrassed on this one. His biggest mistake in my book was his mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic abuse case. The whole country saw Ray pull one of the most despicable acts that a so called man could pull and Goodell's first ruling was a joke.

Anyone with a mother, a sister, a daughter or an aunt who saw that and was not sick to their stomach just does not get it.

If that is not bad enough his handling of the Patriots "deflategate" situation was piss poor to say the least. Just his close personal friendship with Robert Kraft put him in a horribly impartial position.

The whole country was going on and on about balls for months and the thing still is not settled.

It's obvious that this guy who was chosen to lead the NFL by it's owners knows how to make the league money. No one questions that. He is a money making guy. That is why the owners hired him. Make no mistake they hired him, he works for them. But he is just not good at handing down punishment when it's so obviously deserved.