There is a stretch of road on Route 58 that will be getting some attention throughout the month of August. If you travel this road, you might want to keep this information in mind.

Beginning Monday, August 1, and continuing until August 29, there is a 2.8 mile stretch of road that will be getting milled and resurfaced. The road runs between Bethel and Redding and is pretty well traveled.

According to Rep. Stephen Harding, commuters can expect lane delays between 7 AM and 5 PM during the week (Monday-Friday). The lane closures will happen on Route 58 between Route 107 and Route 302.

Once they get to the paving portion of the project, there will be one night of paving on August 18 between 8 PM and 5:00 AM, and the rest of the paving will happen during the day. Hopefully, the daytime paving will happen closer to the afternoon, and not around commuting time.

Remember to keep alert in work zones and slow down for those that are working on the road.

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