Roadkill, it's what's for dinner! Ever wonder how that animal carcass might taste all grilled up that you just passed up lying on the side of the road?According to WPTZ News Channel 5, on November 7th, Hotel Vermont's, "Wild About Vermont Festival" will feature selections from its "roadkill grill." Menu items include flattened muskrat, deer, moose, pheasant, and possibly bear.

You say that the thought of eating a flattened animal makes you hungry? Well, you're not alone my friend! Some states have laws that allow their residents to eat roadkill, provided they report they've run over said animal, or obtain a permit to keep the flattened animal, according to a 2013 article in Modern Farmer.

Can eating roadkill pose some risks? REALLY?! According to a 2011 Food Safety News article, roadkill animals could have a number of different diseases depending on its habitat. Are you willing to take that risk? PETA's website says that eating roadkill is possibly a healthier option because the flattened animal hasn't been pumped full of antibiotics.

Roadkill, Maybe it Shouldn't Be What's For Dinner!

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