You've heard of the masked-maniac Michael Myers but have you ever heard of Marty Myers?

It was, I think, sometime around 1988 when my friend Chuck got his hands on one of those fancy new VHS video cameras. Back in those days a video camera was a really cool deal for a couple of teenagers with over-active imaginations. Up until then we used tape recorders to make our own comedy tapes but now that we had our hands on a video camera we were like two kids set loose on a free-for-all candy store.

After tearing through a bunch of video ideas for about a year we were ready to step it up and make the movie to end all movies - 'Halloween'. Not only were we huge fans of the 'Halloween' franchise but so were my older brothers Marty and Chad. It was a no-brainer. After all we had the mask and we practically memorized every line of the movies.

Below is our first 'Halloween' movie which we made back in 1989. My brother Marty got to live out his dream of playing the Michael Myers character only we gave him the name Marty Myers. Yes, Marty Myers was an evil, emotionless killer....who drove a Honda Civic.

My character was Eric Myers, the innocent baby-faced brother of Marty who was living in fear after finding out that his older insane brother Marty had escaped from a mental institution. I think you'll see why I ditched my acting career and decided to try for radio instead. Also, feast your eyes on my bad-ass vehicle: A 1984 Chevy Chevette. The girls loved it.

This one also features appearances by my brother Chad as Bob Myers, my dog Duke (R.I.P. Dukie!) and, of course, the mastermind behind the film - Chuck LaRose. Chuck wanted to play a character similar to the Dr. Loomis character in the real 'Halloween' movies. If you've seen the many 'Halloween' movies on TV or in the theaters you know that the Loomis character didn't die until the actor who played him (Donald Pleasance) actually did! That crazy Loomis was burned, beaten, even stabbed yet he still survived to see another movie. Chuck decided he would be THAT guy. His character: Brad Breath.

The best scene in the movie has to be around the 5:04 mark where Chuck's character gets hit by a car. My God it's priceless. We also had Chuck's mother Joan play a role. It was the least we could do for the hell we put her through while destroying her house making all those movies.

So without further ado. Here is 'Halloween':

Soon after this movie was shown word spread pretty fast among friends and family. It wouldn't be long before Chuck and I were asked to work on yet another 'Halloween'. This time, however, it would include anyone who wanted a part in the film and there were many. The result was 'Halloween 2' made in 1990.

'Halloween 2' was to be our epic "Gone With The Wind" moment. The film was about 17 minutes longer than the original and included a cavalcade of stars including my Dad Jim Senich, my Mom Pat Senich, our friends Tom Scricca, Sean Secondo, Ted McGinn, Jim Stewart (yes we had Jimmy Stewart in one of our movies), and Mike Nedjoika.

There are some really interesting time-capsule moments in this one. Check out my Dad reading a mock news report from WATR in Waterbury in the film opening scene. Also, around the 7:52 mark you'll see a scene shot at what is now known as The Cadillac Ranch. For many years it was a really cool sports bar/restaurant called The Hall of Fame owned by Art Secondo. I had some great times working there and eating big ole' burgers there!

'Halloween 2' also has some hilarious moments. One is when Sean Secondo's character Tim Burr does a little dance seconds before he is killed by the evil Marty Myers. This scene starts around 8:00 in. The poor guy. To be strangled to death by a vacuum cleaner hose is no way to go. Sad indeed. The other "LOL" moment has to go to Chuck once again. At around the 10:55 mark Chuck's character Brad Breath gets thrown off of a mountain by Marty Myers. You have to see it to believe it.

So here it is, the long-awaited sequel to 'Halloween', 'Halloween 2':

A big-time thank you to Sean Secondo for not only holding on to these two videos all these years later but getting them up on YouTube. I've shared them with my Mom, Dad and brothers. We even had a viewing for my nephew Sean who was not around when his Dad Marty filmed these classics. By the way, I'm proud to say that Sean has decided to put on the Michael Myers mask this year for Halloween. His very first Halloween as Michael. That's my boy!

As for Chuck, I immediately texted the videos to him when they surfaced on YouTube. Chuck now lives in Florida. He shot back a video of his nephew's two little kids watching the movie on their Dad's phone. It seems as if we've just passed on the 'Halloween' home-movie fun to a whole new generation.

Happy Halloween from Eric Senich a.k.a. Eric Myers!

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