Whether or not the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election turned out the way you hoped, we still have reason to feel great about ourselves in Connecticut.

I'm so proud of the residents of the state of Connecticut. I blogged numerous times with tips and information from the office of the Secretary of the State's website about where to vote, how to vote, and deadlines for registration in our state. Apparently a lot of people paid attention.

A press release from the Secretary of the State Denise Merrill reports that a record number of Connecticut residents voted on Election Day last month. Merrill's press release said in part:

The total of 1,675,955 voters is unprecedented. That shows that election modernization is working. Hundreds of thousands of people registered to vote online and tens of thousands more took advantage of Election Day Registration and the streamlined motor-voter system, which enables citizens to register while applying for a driver’s license. Local officials did an amazing job adapting to these changes and helping people cast a ballot. We need to continue looking for conveniences to offer Connecticut’s voters but this shows we are headed in the right direction

The right to vote is a gift not enjoyed by everyone worldwide. Regardless of the outcome, I'm honored to stand with so many that waited in very long lines to make our voices heard in Connecticut.

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