I think it's so great that records are becoming popular again. In the 1980s, people couldn't get rid of their LP's fast enough in the switch over to CD's. Since then, though, we've come full circle from CD's to MP3 storage to streaming, back to vinyl. To me, that's a good thing.

I always enjoyed getting lost in an album cover: looking at the artwork, checking out the credits, reading the lyrics. If you think about the time and effort that was put in to some of those iconic album cover images, shrinking the photos down to fit on a CD case just didn't have the same effect. Case in point:

Townsquare Media

No question. The big ol' album cover wins. Plus, there's just something cool about popping the album down on a turntable and cranking it up. I love it.

So, naturally, I'm excited about the Danbury Record and CD Expo, coming to the Ethan Allen Hotel on Lake Avenue Extension in Danbury, this Sunday from 10-4. Trash American Style, the former Danbury record store/ punk memorabilia shop, is sponsoring the record expo. It's one of the longest-running record shows in the state, and there is always cool stuff to be found.

They'll have record dealers from all over New England, and a wide variety of records and CD's from all genres of music. Posters, DVD's and Rock memorabilia will all be available as well. Admission is just $3 with this flyer from their website.