Got a tech lover on your Xmas list? Cnet has just come out with their "best-of-the-best gadgets" for 2015. Let's begin with my favorite new tech gadget:

Amazon Echo by Amazon - Credit

1. Amazon Echo Smart Speaker  This baby plays all of your music no matter where it's located. Move over Siri because the coolest feature is the cloud based voice service called "Alexa" who answers questions, reads audio books, gives info, provides sports scores, and comes equipped with voice recognition. The Amazon Echo goes for $179.99 on



The LG V10 Cell Phone -

2. LG V10 CELL PHONEThe LG V10 features a dynamic 16mp camera along with a clear concise video camera and editing features built right into the phone. Amazon reviewers give it 4.5 out of 5 stars and have it for sale at $633.00



HP Stream 11 Computer from HP - Credit  

3. HP STREAM 11 COMPUTERThis computer is bright, colorful, and easy on the wallet. It's an 11" "no frills" laptop perfect for writing papers, or browsing the web and it's only $200 available on



TYLT VU Charging Station by Tylt - Credit

4. TYLT VU MOUNTING AND CHARGING STATIONThis features a micro-gel suction cup, 2 USB ports for charging two devices at once, and is fully adjustable from any viewing angle. Amazon has it on sale for $72.00.



Sony Playstation 4 by Sony - Credit

5. SONY PLAYSTATION 4Cnet editors call Playstation 4 the top gaming console perfect for the gamer in your life which includes 500gb, cutting edge graphics, and next gen processing speeds! Playstation 4 retails for $399 but has it for $299.00


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