Officials have recently discussed that Plum Brook Road Bridge in Somers, NY may be rebuilt and become commutable once again.

The bridge was built between 1870-1904 within the Croton Water Supply System of Muscoot Reservoir. Big trucks drove on the bridge about 20 years ago, and caused the bridge to be one lane for vehicles weighing less than five tons. As a result, Plum Brook Road Bridge closed on April 17, 1999 and it hasn't been touched since. There have been detour signs blocking each end off of Route 138 in Goldens Bridge, and Route 100 in Somers.

Tap Into Somers reports that Somers residents addressed last week the possibility of renovating the abandoned truss bridge. From Route 138's entrance, the bridge is an easier commute to travel from Goldens Bridge's train station, Kennedy Catholic High School, and St. Joseph's Church, which was relocated from Croton Falls in 2014. Fixing the bridge will make it easier for local police and firefighters to answer emergency calls for  Kennedy, St. Joseph's, and residents alike. In contrast, some residents may oppose repairing Plum Brook Road Bridge within their neighborhood, after not having traffic driving through for nearly two decades.

Somers Town Supervisor, Rick Morrissey, submitted a formal request to Albany and the New York State Community Development Block Grant to grant permission for bridge reconstruction. I have memories of a schoolbus route riding the bridge during my elementary days and am surprised it took this long for this discussion to be revisited. It will be interesting to learn the updates about this idea, and how long it would take for a decision to be made.

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