Lebron James will not win seven titles and that should be the end of the argument but some people are dense so I'll go on. 

You can use the eye test if you would like but most people who say Lebron is better never saw Michael play.  they never saw the countless times he took the ball with seconds on the clock and won the game.  He did it routinely and he did it with everyone in the world knowing he would get the ball and take the last shot.  You could put all 5 players on Michael and he would get it done.

6 NBA titles (would have been about 9 had he not left to play baseball), a gold medal and an NCAA national championship.  You Lebron are no Michael Jordan

Oh and Magic says he is the greatest that ever played and he seems to know a thing or two about basketball.

Michael also knows he would beat Lebron

Michael Jordan is the greatest player that ever lived and always will be