On occasion, I've shown friends of mine a photo of my new grandson, who's one of the cutest babies ever! In return they've whipped out a photo of their new puppy! Not really the same, except maybe in the cuteness department. Let's look at some of the differences...... one poops in a diaper, the other on the carpet. One has lots of fur and one is hairless. One thing they do have in common is they both need lots of love and care.


For those of you ready to take on the responsibility of a new puppy, join the New Milford Animal Welfare Society this Saturday, August 16th from 2pm till 5pm for "Puppies On The Green" which will take place on the New Milford Green. The New Milford Animal Shelter will bring along lots of puppies for you to snuggle and pet, and if you're ready, the opportunity to adopt one of those balls of cuteness. For all the details, go to their Facebook page.