I live in the Town Plot section of Waterbury. My 1989 Volkswagen Golf was broken into in my driveway twice in the 1990s. I woke up to find that the thieves had stolen my Blaupunkt Stereo, my Alpine speakers, and my Bazooka bass tube, on two separate occasions. It's a terrible feeling when a filthy criminal uses force to break into your car. You quickly realize that metal is very easy to bend, and glass is even easier to break.

According to a report by WFSB.com, disgusting thieves have been breaking into vehicles parked at Waterbury's Metro North train station parking lot over the past two weeks. I'm always amazed when I walk by a vehicle, and see a mobile device like a cell phone, iPad, or GPS in plain view. Do you actually believe that a car window is going to stand between your possessions and a substance abuser that needs something to trade for their fix? You can't escape the warning signs posted everywhere in public commuter lots, they warn you to lock your car and HIDE YOUR POSSESSIONS.

Heed the warnings. This isn't 1975 anymore, as much as we all wish it was. Long gone are the days of leaving the keys in the ignition, your home unlocked, and your faith in society's good will. This is 2016. Poverty and drug abuse is rampant in Connecticut. A piece of glass is not enough to stop someone from grabbing your crap.