The season is over for Matt Harvey. Harvey had season ending surgery that involved having a rib removed. That rib was removed to help with his thoracic outlet syndrome. I don't know what the hell that means, but if he had to cut his season short for it, it's probably not a good thing. 

The fact is, there is obviously something wrong with him. His velocity has been down, and when he does manage to get it up there on the gun, he cannot find the plate. Get the surgery done ASAP. You're only 27, Harvey, get all these health problems behind you and get a full all-star type season under your belt. There is no point in him sticking around now if he's not healthy, because he is not contributing. He is 4-10 on the year with an ERA north of 4.

It's actually sad to watch a guy with so much promise have the health issues that he has had. This guy was crowned the Dark Knight within minutes of his first pitch thrown in NY, and after some really electrifying moments, he has yet to string together one consistent season after another. That is the kind of thing you need to do to deserve the kind of attention that he has been getting. If he does not straighten it out, he could be end up being a bust. So, enough is enough with this year. Shut it down, Mike!