Decriminalize marijuana? How long will the debate rage on in Connecticut?

I just wrote a blog titled:

In it I shared a report from March of 2015 in about the most recent Quinnipiac poll stating that voters in Connecticut were in favor of legalizing recreational pot use by a 2 - 1 margin.

Now a story is emerging from Quinnipiac University in Hamden Connecticut about an incident on campus involving students and marijuana.

CBS Connecticut is reporting that three Quinnipiac University students are set to appear in court on Nov. 17, after large quantities of marijuana were found in their dorm room. Two 19-year-old students and a 20-year-old student, all from New Jersey, were arrested earlier this month and charged with possessing marijuana with intent to sell. According to Hamden Police over 300 grams of pot, drug paraphernalia, and cash was found in the room.

Personally I don't see the debate being over any time soon.

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