We need a team building exercise leading into our super busy season. So, I decided to host a poker game for this Thursday night.

I invited Ethan, Pam, Tim, Large Dave, our digital guy, Joey, our promo guy, Trevor aka "Big Country", my dad, and a few others. Ethan, Joey and my dad are in and everyone else is a maybe right now. Here is what I know will happen:

  • Ethan will back out.
  • The "maybes" will show up.
  • My dad will yell at people who doesn't know how to play poker, which is everyone.
  • We will have more food than we actually need.
  • We will have more booze than we need.
  • My wife will send people home with leftover booze, so I don't drink it.
  • If Ethan shows up -- which is doubtful -- he will win, because he knows the least.
  • My dog will take a dump on the floor while we are playing.
  • The game will be a bigger success than any of our staff meetings.

Dudes and ladies who work together need to get together outside of work and blow off steam. Poker, in my opinion, is the least harmful activity we can engage in. The other options are a straight up bar night or a physical activity. None of us are ready for either. Stories to follow. Stay tuned.