Not only that but they will be debuting a new trailer at halftime.  After that trailer is shown the pre-sale begins and Star Wars fans all over the world will lose their minds. 

Kim Kardashian and her big fat rear end claimed she would break the internet with her last round of nude photos.  It did not work.  The internet was still intact.  This however may do it.  If anything has a chance to destroy the internet as we know's the pre-sale of the tickets to the most anticipated movie in the history of modern cinema.

Yeah According to CNN and the Hollywood Reporter this is a go for tonight.

I have waited so long for this and could not be happier that it is in the hands of Disney and J.J. Abrams with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg on in consulting roles.  How could it be bad?  Disney has probably the best track record for not creating flops.  They are especially good at taking over already successful franchises and either reviving them or keeping them successful.

We do understand the sins of the past (Jar Jar Binks).  The fact is that Star Wars fans around the world were as vocal as any group of fans could be about that and I highly doubt this group of people would make those same mistakes again.  I truly believe we will be looking at a darker, more adult looking Star Wars episode and that would make sense seeing as the original fans are all "growns up" now.  I cannot wait.