Before you launch into a tirade about your job, read this. Some workers in plants on the processing lines at U.S poultry producers need to wear diapers because they're being denied bathroom breaks.  

From a story at, according to Oxfam America, some workers at Tyson, Pilgrim's Pride, Perdue Farms, and Sanderson Farms have been denied bathroom breaks by their supervisors. Oxfam is a U.K based global group that works for a just world without poverty. When, and if, the workers are allowed to go, there are sometimes long lines. Some workers don't make the bathroom in time, which leaves them no choice but to go in their clothes.

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A portion of the processing line workers have taken to bringing adult diapers to work. How did the chicken producers react to the news? Sanderson Farms declined to comment at all. Tyson replied that they, "don't tolerate the refusal of requests to use the bathroom." Pilgrim's Pride emailed a statement saying that if the allegations were true, "It would be a clear violation of company policy and would result in disciplinary actions."

If it was up to me, I would order the processing line supervisors to put on the adult diapers and then shove some random chicken parts into the bottom of the diaper and make them sit down all day without a bathroom break and show them a new definition of dignity!

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Conditions for workers in the poultry industry have been atrocious because chicken is so inexpensive in the U.S., wages are low, and illnesses are up among the workers. So, let's add another indignity by making them wear diapers. My advice to you is to avoid looking at photos of a poultry processing plant, unless you never want to eat chicken again.

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