Blue-green algae in Candlewood Lake this summer has the potential to give off toxins that could be harmful to people and animals.

According to an article in Danbury Patch, Dr. Edwin Wong says that this blue-green algae, which is actually cyanobacteria, has the potential to give off damaging toxins and could hurt living creatures. It presents itself as a foamy substance that hangs out on top of the water.

The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at WestConn, headed up by Dr. Wong, will test sample waters from Candlewood Lake's five beaches to make sure the cyanobacteria is not spewing evil toxins. 

Wong and his crew will begin testing Candlewood Lake waters in July at all 5 town beaches and will continue once a week through August. According to the Candlewood Lake Authority's Executive Director, Larry Marsicano, simple testing of algae blooms began back in August of 2015. Dr. Wong's job is to follow up with more detailed testing procedures to make sure the water is safe for swimmers. 

Be assured that Candlewood Lake is currently safe for boating, fishing, and swimming as the summer of 2016 is only a couple of months away. I'll be following Dr. Wong's testing of Candlewood Lake's beaches in July, and will immediately report any updates on water quality. Until then, I'll see you out on the lake!

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