OK, no one eats camel on Christmas as far as I know but I'd be willing to give it a run.  Better off eating it instead of having it spit at me.  My favorite thing about being Italian American is that every year we celebrate Christmas Eve with the seven fishes.  That is the best.  We also get to have all the great traditional American Christmas food but around the world there is a huge array of different dishes that might surprise you. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Iceland - they eat roasted reindeer or puffin.  Puffin is a bird that looks too much like a penguin for me to eat.
  • Germany - Roasted goose and red cabbage. The Germans also say that if you do not dine well on Christmas Eve that you will be haunted by demons.  Such a cheery bunch those Germans.
  • Japan - They eat KFC.  Kid you not.  It started in the 1970's.
  • Italy - Other than the seven fishes on Christmas Eve Italians used to eat eel on Christmas day.  Many Italians have replaced that with roasted turkey.


I could do reindeer but no puffin for me.  I can hang with the German menu as long as no one threatens me with tales of demons invading my home if I don't stuff myself.  The KFC thing from Japan is not for me.  I can have fast food any day of the year.  I do not want it on Christmas.  As for Italy I'm in on all of it.   I've never had eel before but if an Italian is cooking it for me then hand me a fork.

Do you have any examples of traditional Christmas food from around the world?  I want you to share them with us tomorrow morning on the Ethan and Lou show.  Call us between 5:30-10am at 203-775-9595 or leave your comment here.

BTW - I was not kidding about Japan and there KFC Christmas