I am always goofing on truck enthusiasts for taking this Chevy vs. Ford rivalry too far. I mean, if you have a decal of Calvin pissing on one of the logos, you need to relax. However, it does arouse passion in people, and I am all about passion. I am a very passionate man.

I wanted to poll New Milford, CT residents first on this. I wanted to do that, because I have never been to a town where people were more passionate about their trucks -- it's just a fact of life there. I lived there, I know. If you move to New Milford and don't own a truck inside of six months, they literally kick you out of town.

I did not know what to expect when it came to the results. I was not sure how it would pan out. Would Chevy win? Would Ford win? Would other win? Well, it was Ford by a landslide. Not even close. Here is a fancy ass, USA Today like pie chart that shows you exactly how people voted:

I will do this poll again soon in surrounding towns, and see how the rivalry breaks down different in those towns.

P.S. I drive a Ford Ranger and I love it.