It always seems like underage kids are always looking for ways to somehow get their hands on alcohol.

Think back when you were under 21 where you could ask your older brother or sister, ask a friend who's of age or even use fake identification. But what about breaking into a liquor store?

According to The News-Times, two teens were arrested overnight after police said they allegedly broke into a liquor store on South Street in Danbury. The 16-year-old Bethel resident and 15-year-old Danbury resident are accused of breaking the front glass window around 2 a.m. of Spirits n Such on South St.

The report claims that the break-in set off the liquor store's alarm, which allegedly prompted the teen to flee and police to respond.

The Danbury Police say the boys were found walking in the general area just after the accused break in. They've been charged accordingly.

Can't kids these days do it like the movies?  Remember "McLovin" in Superbad?