I couldn't let 4/20 go by without sharing this funny story of "Hi-Jinks!"

As I scour around all sorts of websites every day to find things that peak my interest, I often find things that make me laugh out loud. Very loud, if you must know the truth. Almost wet-my-pants loud - okay - TMI Pam.

Anyway, in a story from Dailydot.com, a police department in New Zealand is rethinking how it gets rid of confiscated marijuana. Why, you ask? I know, I wondered too! Turns out, they lit it up! No, they weren't celebrating 4:20, or April 20th for that matter. They were not partaking, they were burning the weed to get rid of it.

There's even a giggly video of a "local" in the story on DailyDot going on about the smell of pot drifting through the town. Don't make your vacation plans quite yet though, because the police are apologizing for not taking wind conditions into consideration when burning the illegal pot, and they are coming up with a new plan!

Speaking of plans, don't forget to join i95's Lou Milano from 4 - 6 PM today at Grassy Plain Vape & Smoke on 39A Grassy Plain Street in Bethel for their legendary 4/20 sale.

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