Oh, hell yes! But can I get my hands on one?

Pizza Hut is celebrating the Golden Anniversary of the Super Bowl in a really big way.

How big you ask? Pizza Hut announced that random Golden Garlic Knots Pizzas will be topped with about 100-dollars worth of edible gold, and you can win one.

WOW! Now, that's some bling you can take a bite out of. Now, that's some bling I can really wrap my head around. Now that's some bling...Ok,I'll stop now.

They will be delivered to fifty fans who order the pies on Super Bowl Sunday. You can also send them an email to enter. The reason for this extravaganza? Pizza Hut's Vice President said that they felt it was an appropriate way to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the big game in the Golden State. If you want more details on how to enter, click HERE.

Honey, this girl needs some Golden Garlic Knots Pizza Earrings!

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