I have no problem with the Bronx. I am a Yankee fan, I've been hanging out in the South Bronx since I was 3-years-old. That's not all. Let's just say I had issues as a young man, and I actively sought out things that were most easily available to me in the Bronx.  What does being from there have anything to do with anything? The easy answer is pride, right? They are proud to be from a tough borough in the coolest city in the world. But that is not enough.

There are other tough places to grow up. For instance, I have met people from Haiti, none of them said my name is Enrique, I am from Haiti. This is so specific to the Bronx, and to be fair, Brooklyn. What is it about these places that make people scream out an answer to a question I did not ask? I am really asking.

I am not trying to put down anyone's upbringing. My simple point is you don't get a muffin for being FROM somewhere. You also don't need to tell me you are from the Bronx. Your accent gave you away.

The moment when you introduce yourself to someone and they say "HEY, I'M FRANK, I'M FROM THE BRONX." That moment, that terribly uncomfortable moment is so unreasonably awkward. I don't say anything and neither do you. What am I supposed to do after that? Give you a cookie?

I am not trashing anyone's upbringing, especially if you came from tough circumstances but what is next after an unprompted yelling of a location? How should I react to that? I don't say I am Lou, I am a big fan of Enchiladas. Just wait for people to ask you. Trust me, they will, if you give them a chance.

My name is Louis Joseph Michael Milano, I am 37-years-old, I have three children, my wife's name is Erica, I was born in Putnam Hospital, I lived in Brewster, NY, Patterson, NY, Putnam Lake, NY, Marco Island, FL, New Milford, CT, Danbury, CT, I love Twizzlers and watching monkeys do weird stuff.

See how awkward that got? Don't tell me if I did not ask. Oh, and go Yankees!