Credit: i95 WRKI

When all of those American Flags go up on poles all along Route 25 in the Brookfield area, I can't help but smile. If you haven't seen them, it's worth the drive.

When I get off exit 9 and start my way up route 25, I'm at the last portion of my long commute to work. I've been making this drive every day for 17 years now, and the drive does become a blur. That blur stops, though, when all of the flags go up. I can't drive Whisconier Road and not have my heart swell with pride.

Credit: i95 WRKI

I'll be honest, the flags bring tears to my eyes. Even taking pictures of them doesn't quite do it justice. The feeling I get as continue on my way is a mixture of emotions. I will say, as we find our country in a very interesting political climate this year, the biggest emotion remains one of PRIDE. Freedom of expression is just one of the myriad of things that makes our Country great.

While the flags stay up for many months, initially seeing them always makes me get excited for the Memorial Day weekend.

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