I could spend a ton of time on the Vegas strip. My adventure to Las Vegas was quick, but oh, so worth it.

I love to read. I love having my nose in a book, and if it's scorching hot and intriguing then all the better! August 9 was National Book Lovers Day, but for me August 6 in Las Vegas was my day of serious book love.

Part of my quickie adventure to Vegas was an amazing author event at Planet Hollywood called Love N. Vegas. So many authors, it was mind boggling! But I did manage to wiggle my ass up to a boatload of my favorites, and I have pictures to prove it Looking for some crazy good, sexy, heart wrenching, mysterious, dangerous and often down right mind blowing reads? Then check these authors out. Trust me, you'll thank me.

K.Bromberg introduced us to the sexy, tormented, race car driver Colton and from there, the rest is history. K.Bromberg.com is where you can find her Driven series and so many more. 

From across the pond, our JEM, Jodi Ellen Malpas made us swoon with Jesse from her This Man series, and we've never looked back. Next was Jodi's One Night series and her newest The Protector is out soon.

Harper Sloan will woo you with her hot ex-military men, the women they love, and their families in her Corps Security and Hope Town series. Check out all her books at authorharpersloan.com

Plain and simple, Raine Miller blows me away with every thing that I read of hers. From contemporary to historical romance, she has it all, and the amazing Ethan Blackstone character has started a dynasty! Look for more Blackstone sexiness in Raine's forthcoming Filthy Rich.

With almost 30 books to date, Scott Hildreth is a force to be reckoned with. Women and men alike will love his down and dirty writing style. Get hot and bothered, and check Scott out on Amazon.

Tia Louise hooked me with the first book in her One To Hold series, and now, she's a can't miss for me. I read everything she puts out. For her books, go to authortialouise.com 

TM Frazier started with The Dark Light Of Day and a dynasty was born. She even let me lick her King. I'm addicted to all she pens. Hers are not your average beach read. Get info at tmfrazierbooks.com 

SC Stephens enthralled millions of readers with her hot and heartbreaking rocker Kellan Kyle in her five book Thoughtless series. Her newest book, Furious Rush, delves into the world of motorcycle racing, and is due soon. Info at authorscstephens.com 

CD Reiss, or Christine - since I met her in person - is a take your breath away kind of author.  Her Corruption, Perdition and Submission series leaves me speechless. Check out all of her books at cdreiss.com

J.M. Darhower is not for the faint of heart. I started with her Sempre series, and I've been into her ever since. If you love mayhem, deceit, mafia, control, and passion, then you too will be hooked on the books of J.M. Darhower.

Aurora Rose Reynolds captured my heart with her Until series. Then we bonded over tales of love and adoption. Aurora is a firecracker and her books will move you.

Melanie Harlow is a lover of high heels and martinis, so you know I love her. With books like Frenched, Yanked, Forked and Floored, you'll love her too! Find all of her titles at MelanieHarlow.com

Thanks again to a few of the authors here that participated in past YouTube episodes of What's in Pam's Box. 

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